5th degree blackbelts Scott and Susan have trained thousands of students and can help you empower your life. Take control of the situation, and yourself using these video courses

Barb C.

Working out with Mr Craig and Ms McCall I learn self defense skills, get stronger, more confident all while having fun. They are easy to work with, and give understandable and attainable direction. There's a real comradery among people who workout with these instructors. I enjoy helping other women build skills and confidence through volunteering at self defense seminars.  

Joan Krussel

I would say the most beneficial parts were learning to walk with confidence, striking where it hurts and how to release my wrists & hands if someone were to grab me. 

I greatly appreciate the time Scott and Susan took with me and my group to help us learn to defend ourselves in a very helpful and practical manner. 

I'm very thankful for their teaching.

Lauren Holman

I started doing Taekwondo at a young age with Scott Craig and Susan McCall at Seattle Taekwondo Academy, but every year I grow older I realize how much it truly shaped me. It wasn’t just about the discipline and the hard work, but it was the way I carried myself in the world. I was aware of my surroundings, I was confident, balanced emotionally and physically. I never accepted being intimidated (that includes the workplace). In fact, I have used my skills in the real world. A couple years ago I stepped in during a domestic abuse fight, while everyone watched from afar. I’ll never forget when the girl looked me in the eye, thanked me, and then turned and ran as far as she could away from her attacker. It’s one of those moments I think about often. All in all, being a blackbelt comes with responsibility, and it’s taught me how to handle myself better in this wild world of ours.

Fight Back!

1 in 6 women have been victim to a form of rape in there lifetime, 90% of women avoid sexual assault by fighting back